HR Strategy’s life in 2011 with first step in Training Service, but by the time 80% our revenue come from Executive Search & Selection Service. Over 7 years of continuous improvement, thanks to the customer’s trust & love. HR Strategy has firmly built our brand broadly. Nowadays, HR Strategy is named for headhunting company with the recruitment post of high monthly salary from $2,000  to $12,000. We proud of  our ability having CRM to help clients, candidates as we have collected a big data Vietnamese & expat candidates. Our clients are both local and international organizations in Vietnam and overseas from various fields which includes Real Estate, Hospitality, Finance & Investment, Banking, Media Agency, TVC, FMCG, Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Agriculture…

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Our Slogan:    People Capability First, Profit Will Follow                       

Our Vision : Become the leading company in providing HR Services and a reliable address for all valued customers

Our Mission:   Plan your dream & create added value for your life

Our Core Value:  Passion, Solidarity, Learning, Sharing & Loving 

www.hrstrategyvietnam.com & www.thuctapsinhvietnam.com

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